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When? Our August event is over the Bank Holiday weekend at the end of the month, 28th - 31st of August.

Where? The incredible looking Castle Lumley, located in the delightful Durham (DH3 4NX), with its stately castle grounds and 600-year-old masonry work. 

Whats the plan? Some good old fashioned dungeon delving! We'll be playing 5e D&D full of opportunity to role-play, a spattering of battles to flex your tactical might and a dash of puzzle-solving.

Is it a real Castle? Yup! No trebuchets, but has plenty of all the other Castly stuff like parapets, towers, courtyards and stone flooring :D 


Prices Tickets are priced at £699.95 for a single ticket or an extra £349.95 to bring along a friend or other half.

What's Included? Every single thing you need to have a delightful weekend break full of D&D. This includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day along with snacks and your accommodation in luxurious en-suite rooms. You'll also get a painted miniature figure, dice, dice tray, and a notebook. The only thing you'll need to bring is yourself, a change of clothes and your very best game face!

Full Party? We can offer a 5% discount if you've got an entire group that wants to come to play (6 players max), get in touch with us via email at Kobold@CuriousKobold.co.uk and we'll get it sorted!


We'll be starting the game on Saturday at 1100, after you've gotten settled in followed by a pizza lunch whilst we start our adventure. That evening you get to dine in our own private banquet room, feasting on a delicious 3 courses.

On the Sunday after a delicious breakfast, we'll be playing for 4 hours or so before breaking for a very tasty 3 course Sunday Lunch and continuing on until late in the night with pizza, beer and dragon-slaying!


On the Monday, after more breakfast (it's REALLY good), we'll be playing for another 4 hours or so to finish off your dungeon delve. This is followed by lunch to make sure you leave with full bellies as we chat about what crazy mistakes you've made as a party and have you managed to re-rail the entire things! 


"The organisers are friendly, open and of course well organised. Meaning your time will be as relaxed and enjoyable as it could be. Definitely will be attending more in the future."

"Brilliant weekend had by all. Made all the more worthwhile by the amazing venue and great people who were part of it. Thanks very much. I'll be back again!"

"Simply said, it is bloody marvelous. A cracking game of D&D with delightful company. Food was very tasty and entire event was organised brilliantly. Will see you at the next one!" 




How much D&D do I need to know?

Complete beginner to seasoned veteran, if you are brand new to D&D just let us know as we can send over information to get you up to speed. Both DMs are experienced with new players, so you are more than welcome.

What's included in the ticket price?

Everything you need to order to play, sleep and eat for the 3 days you are with us. Upon arrival, we'll sort your character sheets out and give you some goodies such as a fully painted miniature, dice, a rolling tray and a notebook. 

Why is it so expensive?!

Renting out a castle isn't cheap! We've made the event as wallet-friendly as we can, as we don't believe in charging thousands of pounds for a weekend of fun, but some of the costs you don't see are lodgings for the DMs, travel and all the extra D&D equipment we need to run a world-class game! 

Dinner at the Black Knight, hows that work? Do I just choose off the Menu?

A few weeks before the event we'll email and get you to order what you like off the menu. We'll cover the first £40 of your bill and you'll need to supplement anything over this. £40 gets you 3 courses and a coffee at the end. If you don't want a full 3 courses we'll refund you anything up to £40 :).

How much D&D will we play?

We've penciled in a good 16 hours of D&D, we've done events with a lot more D&D crammed in but we've found that any more and you end up leaving and needing another break! D&D can be pretty tiring :D. 

How old do I need to be to come along?

16+ but anyone under 18 needs to be accompanied with an adult.

Can I bring a mate and share a room?

Yup! You'll need to buy a regular priced ticket and then can add on a friend or other half for £349.95 (much cheaper as you don't need an extra room!). We'll just need to know if you'd prefer a double room or a twin!

I'm a vegetarian, vegan, can't eat gluten, etc. Can I still come?

Certainly, just let us know after you get a ticket and we'll make sure you've got some delicious food that you're able to eat.

Will there be drinking involved and included?

We'll get you all a drink when you arrive and then we'll get plenty of wine for the table on Friday & Saturday!

My entire group wants to come, can I get a discount?

Brilliant! We offer a 8% discount on the price and can accommodate up to 6 players per game. Drop us an email at Kobold@CuriousKobold.co.uk and we'll organise things for you.