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When? Sunday the 3rd of November, starting at 1800 and going on until midnight.

Where? Shrewsbury Prison. A Victorian prison built upon the foundations of a Georgian prison, and with an unwelcome history of executions, death, and sometimes barbaric treatment. Perfect!

Whats the plan? A spooky themed game of Dungeons and Dragons 5e, playing in the very cells criminals used to occupy.

Is it really haunted? Yup! Abandoned, very dark, very spooky. Legend has it that if your character gets knocked unconscious, the ghosts of Shrewsbury prison will claim your very soul! Apparently.


Whats the cost? Tickets are priced at £120.00 each.

What's Included? Everything you need to play, including a set of dice, notepad, and pencil along with an unpainted miniature. We'll also fill your belly full of pizza on arrival along with providing snacks throughout.

Full Party? The games can accommodate up to 6 players, so if you wanted a private game with 5-6 players in total we are happy to offer a discount. A game of 5 players means we can offer a £10 discount on each ticket, for 6 players we can offer £20 discount on each ticket.  


Arrival starts at 1800 where you are to be greeted and treated with pizza and introduced to your DMs along with being handed your character sheet. After this, we'll be setting off on an hour-long tour we've organised of the abandoned and haunted prison! 

At 1930, after supplying you with a hot chocolate and a blanket (it's going to be cold!), we'll be locking you in your cells and commencing the adventure we have planned. We'll stop halfway through for a 15-minute break before carrying on and TPKing the entire party by 0000.


"The organisers are friendly, open and of course well organised. Meaning your time will be as relaxed and enjoyable as it could be. Definitely will be attending more in the future."

"Brilliant weekend had by all. Made all the more worthwhile by the amazing venue and great people who were part of it. Thanks very much. I'll be back again!"

"Simply said, it is bloody marvelous. A cracking game of D&D with delightful company. Food was very tasty and entire event was organised brilliantly. Will see you at the next one!" 



How much D&D do I need to know?

The game will be suitable for the complete beginner to the seasoned veteran; if you are brand new to D&D just let us know as we can send over information to get you up to speed. All our DMs are very experienced with new players, so you are more than welcome and full knowledge of the rules are not required.

What's included in the ticket price?

Everything you need to order to play. Upon arrival, we'll sort your character sheets out and give you some goodies such as a miniature, dice, and a notebook. Remember its an abandoned prison and we're playing in November, we've got some blankets in case you get cold but you might want to wrap up warm!

What is happening with food?

We'll have hot delicious pizza waiting for you on arrival at 1800 but if you are planning on arriving a little later it might be all gone! We'll also have a selection of snacks available as well as soft drinks.

How much D&D will we play?

We'll start playing at 1930 and carry on through with a planned ending at 0000.

How will characters work?

Upon arriving at the venue, you'll be given a prisoner number and a character sheet that is entirely random. We'll be seeing Goliath Bards, Kobold Wizards, and Halfling Paladins! You'll also be given several "background" cards that you can use to customize your character slightly that give you extra abilities and skills.

How old do I need to be to come along?

14+ but anyone under 18 needs to be accompanied by an adult. The game will be relatively mature and have themes of horror throughout, so you've been warned!

Will there be drinking involved?

Since it's in Shrewsbury and most folks will have to drive, we've taken the decision to have this a sober affair! We'll have soft drinks available throughout.

My entire group wants to come, can I get a discount?

Brilliant! We are able to offer the entire table for 5 or 6 players at a discount. Drop us an email at Kobold@CuriousKobold.co.uk and we'll organise things for you!